A Nathan Troy Thriller

What would you do if the most deadly viruses on the planet was running rampant, the government was covering it up and no one was asking why?

About the Author

L. H. Draken grew up galavanting about the US. She learned to love the excitement of exploring new places and meeting quirky new characters but also developed the psychological condition of only being comfortable as an outsider. This could be why the last place she truly felt at home was in Beijing, where she was as much an outsider as one can be.

L. H. Draken writes Destination Thrillers. Her latest title, The Year of the Rabid Dragon, is a thriller set in Beijing, China.

Latest Writing & Thoughts

Podcast Discussion with Chris Smit

I’ve had so many readers message and contact me over the last couple weeks and say something along the lines of, “I feel like I’ve been spookily haunted by your book! Everything I read brings your story to mind, and makes me feel like you predicted some version of this...

Entering the World of Sound

When I was fifteen I read a fiction story in The New Yorker where the mentor figure says to the naive young lead, ‘…fads in literature come and go, but the Russians will always be with us.’ That phrase stuck with me and I decided that it was high time I...

Nathan’s Backstory – The Year of the Toxic Rat

What motivated Nathan to up and move to Beijing? Curious about his back story? The Months of the Toxic Rat  flushes out the incident that spurred him to China. If you sign up for the mailing list if you will receive a link to download it in the format...