A Nathan Troy Thriller

What would you do if the most deadly viruses on the planet was running rampant, the government was covering it up and no one was asking why?

About the Author

L. H. Draken grew up galavanting about the US. She learned to love the excitement of exploring new places and meeting quirky new characters but also developed the psychological condition of only being comfortable as an outsider. This could be why the last place she truly felt at home was in Beijing, where she was as much an outsider as one can be.

L. H. Draken writes Destination Thrillers. Her latest title, The Year of the Rabid Dragon, is a thriller set in Beijing, China.

Latest Writing & Thoughts

My Very First Book Launch

It may sound completely cheesy – and I know I’m the writer so should not be the one using cliches – but I feel so wonderfully overwhelmed by the group of amazing friends that came out for my book launch party. It was so special to share this project that ...
Talking Shop

Talking Shop

I had a lovely revelation today. I was listening to a new favorite publishing podcast (The Self Publishing Formula with Mark Dawson, look it up if you’re in the industry)*. Anyway, I was listening to this podcast and the host, who is a pretty successful indie publisher mentioned in passing ...
First ARC Review

First ARC Review

I got the most delightful set of texts from one of my pre-readers. It really made my day and encouraged me to continue pushing ahead with getting marketing set up and really ‘launching’ this book instead of just listing it on Amazon and letting it go. well, to preface, I ...